New Tour : Verdon Canyon and Valensole ! 薰衣草田

From April 2014 a new tour from Aix en Provence is offered by Tylene Tours !

This tour offers you a stop at the Plateau de Valensole  to admire the lavender fields during the blooming season and gives you the opportunity to discover the breathtaking landscapes of the Verdon Canyon !

Drive to Manosque (马诺斯克) to enjoy a guided tour of Occitane (奥克) factory, famous for its cosmetic products elaborated with local flowers and plants. Cross Valensole plateau (lavender fields in bloom from mid June to mid July). Continue to Moustiers-Ste-Marie, famous for its earthen ware workshops (free time for visit and lunch on your own). Drive to the Gorges of Verdon river : breathtaking views on the lake of Sainte Croix and on the Verdon canyon. Free time on the beach of the lake of Sainte Croix. Back to Aix en Provence via the village of Sainte Croix du Verdon overlooking the lake.

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moustiers ste marie




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