The Lavender Museum 薰衣草博物馆

Have a visit at the Lavender museum in Coustellet to learn more about the lavender and lavandin of Provence ! The All Provence in one day tour from Avignon is including the entrance fee !
You will start your visit by an introduction of the difference between lavender and lavandin followed by a movie about the harvest of the lavender.
Learn all the techniques and steps of the production of lavender essential oil and have a stop at their boutique with cosmetic products based on lavender and A.O.P labelised that guarantees the quality
« The ability to use the A.O.P essential oil guarantee requires carrying off the oil contained in the Augustifolia variety of lavender or population lavander, no cloned lavender is allowed, with steam. The lavender must come from a stricktly defined zone in four different French counties : Drôme, Vaucluse, Alpes de Haute Provence and Hautes Alpes and from an altitude of 800 mininum. The lavender must meet analytical and olfactive standards, and each batch is analysed anonymously (blindly) so as not to influence the jury. The French National institute of origins and quality issues certification. « 
SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAP1000401 lavande11[1]

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