It’s finally here, the spring. Nature awakes…

The landscape of Provence is beginning to fill up with the colours of almond, cherry and apricot blossoms.  The vineyards are coming alive with new leaves unfolding.  The traditional Provençal markets are filling up with punnets of strawberries, tasty asparagus.  Every village are buzzing with activities to welcome the tourists.
Lavender “The Blue Gold” symbol of Provence.  The word Lavender is derived from Latin ‘Lavare’ meaning to wash.  Since 2000 years ago, Romans are known to use it to scent their baths, linens and clothes.  After ‘resting’ during the winter, the plants and soil are warming up.  Spring is the period when the young plants are gathered from the nurseries and are planted in the fields.  Farmers work to pull out weeds between the rows of lavender and organic fertilisers are added to the soil.
2 more months to go… we look forward with great anticipation for the first flower to appear.
You can already book online your lavender tour !
young lavender

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