What is « Terroir » ?

Coming to France, you will be encountering the word ‘terroir’ very often. It’s a french term that literally means ‘earth’ or ‘soil’ but on a general term, ‘terroir’ combines special characteristics that the geography, geology and climate of a certain place, interacting with the agricultural product such as wine, olive oil, cheese, sunflower, lavender makes the product unique to that area.

Lavender honey, a perfumed and very effective tonic, is very popular and is given pride of place in Provençal market stalls. With its delicate floral scent and enticing flavor reminiscent of lavender flowers, many honey lovers consider lavender honey from Provence, Southern France, to be the best honey in the world.


It’s hardly surprising that lavender growing and bee keeping should be closely associated, since one sees so many beehives in or near lavender fields. Bee keepers are often itinerant and will move their apiaries from one site to another depending on the season and the quality of the flowers growing in each field. Each hive can yield about 35kg of honey each.

lavande ruche

Come to try some, either on your morning toast of bread or scones, sweeten your tea or coffee. Drink a glass of warm water mix with lavender honey for soothing effect in the evening. Used in pastry baking and there are many other health-benefits.

We are now in mid-May, the stalks of lavender flowers are coming out nicely. A few more weeks and we will see the first bloom of the year. We invite you to join our lavender tours and come to taste the delicious lavender honey too ….

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