The lavender flowers are blooming !!!

Sunshine, sunshine…is shining in Provence for the last couple of weeks. We are blessed with such a weather with the temperature climbing higher and higher and the lavender flowers are starting to bloom rapidly. In the days to come, it will be shining like an amethyst and we will see an ocean of violet blossom. We can smell the scent of the lavender as we approach the fields.

When the flowering begins, the farmer stops the weeding as it could damage the development of the young flowers. It’s also the time to get the distillery ready around mid June. Do you know how to distil? In plant distillation, steam goes through the flowers to extract the essentiel oil. The word ‘still’ refers to the vessel containing the flower. Each producer owned a still which he adapted to his needs. More often than not this apparatus was made of copper, a fairly light, easy to work metal and a good heat conductor.

There are three distillation techniques. The naked flame still, the bain-marie still and the steam still. The lavender museum exhibits a good selection of stills used in the olden days and you will learn the ways of harvest and the distillation for the lavender essentiel oil. Of course, if you wish to bring back a small bottle of pure lavender essentiel oil, you are most welcome to buy it at the museum.

Many of our tours include a visit to the Lavender Museum as well as leaving you time to catch your favorite shots in the lavender fields,

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