Blue Gold Lavender of Provence!

This is the wonder of the South in a blue coat, she scents, calms, stimulates, tones and regulates this for millennia.
Lavender is discovered at your own pace, these landscapes in colors and incomparable scents.
Roads of the Lavender  are open from the Alps to Provence and you are training, the seasons, the discovery of an iconic treasure of Haute Provence,from Vercors to the Luberon, the Drôme to the Verdon, Hautes-Alpes to Baronnies.
They tell you a story, a memory, a skill … If you want to premonitory dreams, massage your forehead and temples with fresh lavender flowers crushed before you sleep.
So come and enjoy the last weeks of flowering lavender before cutting to the Sickle as in old times at the Sault that result each year to a huge party on August 15th with a fairyland of colors, smells and flavors or all day farandoles succeed happy with Provencal folk groups and all teams dressed in their fragrant strands.

6046419819-Falta-el-aroma-p                       copper still

There is also the lavender farmers’ market, the products of the farm, a book fair, an exhibition of paintings, village crafts, a horse show and a closing concert in Provence.
Many of our tours include a visit to Sault as well as leaving you time to catch your favorite shots in the Lavender fields.


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