Summer in Provence !

Provence in summer is the place to be !

We are lucky to have a wonderful weather with hot temperatures since few weeks. It’s the best moment to enjoy the provencal atmosphere under the cicadas song.
You must discover the landscapes of lavender fields, explore the authentic and typical villages of Provence for the last weeks of flowering lavender.
You will have the opportunity to smell the lavender and other incredible scent along the road. Leaving you time to take beautiful pictures to keep great memories. For lovers of photography is perfect to capture the landscapes of our Provencal countryside.



The lavender is not only beautiful to see, it’s also good to taste ! The lavender honey or a lavender ice cream will surprise your taste buds.


Many of our tours include a visit to the lavender museum to learn more about the lavender and lavandin in Provence. It’s incredible to discover that lavender has many properties including health properties for migraine, cramps, indigestion. Also known for aromatherapy, its used for medicinal vertues for centuries.
For a morning tour, afternoon tour or full day tour, do not hesitate, you will appreciate the treasures of Provence.
And, if you are lucky you will also be able to see sunflower fields in bloom around end of July!


You can book your tour from Avignon, Aix en Provence, Marseille or Arles depending of your holiday destination, directly on the website of Provence Reservation.

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