Lavender Festival in Sault 2015

This was the end of the blooming period of the lavender fields in Provence on August 15th. Now, if you want to come back next year to see the lavender fields in bloom in Provence, smell its fine perfume and admire its magnificent blue color, you will have to wait until June 05th 2016 !
Every year, the blooming season of the lavender fields ends with the famous Lavender Festival in Sault. This picturesque village of Provence, considered as the lavender capital, has been welcoming for 30 years a traditional festival to celebrate the flower, symbol of Provence. This festival attracts many tourists from all over the world and also many locals.

The entertainments of the festival are available all day long : lavender cutting championship of France with a sickle (event reserved for professionals) and the lavender cutting contest with a sickle (event reserved for amators). All day succeed farandoles happy with Provencal folk groups and all teams dressed in their fragrant strands.There is also the lavender farmers’ market, the products of the farm, a book fair, an exhibition of paintings, village crafts, a horse show and a closing concert. Children are not forgotten with the pony rides program and exhibition of a hive where they explain how the bees allow to create a so tasty lavender honey.

Every year, we drive you in our comfortable minibuses from Avignon, Arles and Aix en Provence, to discover this Lavender Festival on August 15th !

For those who will not be patient enough to wait until next June, the lavender museum is opened all year long (except in January). Our shared minibus tours from Avignon, Aix en Provence, Arles and Marseille can escort you to this charming museum where they share their knowledge with you and explain all the secrets of the lavender : production of essential oil, video about the culture of lavender and the collection of the flowers in August.

See you next year for our 2016 Lavender Tours !

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