Do you know what happens after the lavender flowers are harvested?

We are now in the last trimester of the year. The lavender flowers are all harvested, the distillation of the essential oil is all done but that doesn’t mean that the farmers are taking their holidays.

There’s much work to be done in the lavender fields. The weeding process must begin after the harvest around August as the grass has started to grow since the beginning of June. Then in October, lavender plants that are ten-year old must be pulled up, burnt and then the land must be prepared for March planting by ploughing to aerate the soil. Following in November, this is the time when the seeds are sown in nurseries just before the winter frost sets in. We will have to wait 3 years before we can use these plants for a new plantation. In the winter period from December to February, the ground is frozen, the land are resting and the lavender producers can take their holidays!

champ recolte

Don’t forget the medical virtues of this precious oil especially in the coming winter season, It can be used for colds and sinusitis as it’s know to fight infections. To put a drop on a sugar cube or in a spoonful of honey to relieve sore throats. To relieve stress and for relaxation, you may put a few drops in the bath.


You can plan your holidays now for next summer to admire the symbol of Provence, Lavender.

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