An idea for a DIY christmas present from Provence …


When you visit Provence, you will notice these lovely and fragrant small lavender bouquets expertly weaved with colourful ribbons to make, what we call ‘Fuseaux de Lavande’. A local tradition that dates back since the 18th century, it’s used as a present to the fiancée or bride to scent and preserve her trousseau. Whether as a gift to your loved ones, to perfume your wardrobes, drawers, suitcases or hang as Christmas ornaments, the spindle is one of the souvenirs to bring back home.

If you do grow lavender plants back home, you may want to try and make them yourself. Herewith are some step to step instructions on how to create a ‘Fuseaux de Lavande’ :

In Provence, we make this spindle with sprigs of fresh lavender, Select 30 sprigs of lavender. Cut the stems of about 30cm. Get rid of leaves and lavender grains which do not belong to the main flower.

Lavender christmas gift

Take the ribbon and tie the flowers tightly, leaving a length of about one meter fifty and a shorter length of fifty centimeters

lavender arts & crafts

Then fold the flowers carefully without breaking the stalks. Place the bouquet head down and gently fold each of lavender, making sure not to break the stems… If lavender is too brittle, soak the stems first.

lavender made it yourself bouquet

Tying together the strands 2 by 2 with small pieces of sewing thread; obtained 15 stems groups.

DIY Provence Lavender

Braiding the ribbon once over the sprigs and next under the sprigs. Be sure to spread the stems. The challenge is to make the first turn, then braiding is simpler.

lavender DIY christmas gift

Tying together the two ribbon ends. Cut the tails of the stems.

Christmas idea gift - lavender spindle

Sedative, soothing, calming – lavender has many natural properties. Also used in perfumery, aromatherapy and medical treatments.

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