How to use lavender in cooking

We are used to seeing lavender as in essential oil, in many beauty and body care products or used to fragrance the house and linen but did you know that you could consume it? Here are some tips for the proper use of lavender in cooking.


It is very trendy for some years now: edible flowers. Lavender is one of them. It is a seasonal flower and is a member of the mint herb family. It is known for its gourmet chefs virtues. Though the leaves and stems of lavender plants can be used for culinary purposes, the flowers particularly give dishes a subtly sweet, citrus flavor. Some precautions to bear in mind. Use the lavender sparingly, as the taste can be quite strong.

Lavender Bouquet


For starters, use a few sprigs of lavender with a salad and / or goat cheese.Goes well with dishes cooked with lamb, pork and even chicken. For desserts, lavender will accompany perfectly – in puddings, crème brûlée, and frosting a cupcake for example.


Lavender can be used to add flavor and color to culinary recipes in either fresh or dried form.To dry lavender for culinary use, snip the stems off the plant just after the flowers have opened and hang the stems upside down or lay them flat to dry. Wash the buds well, then dry-roast them to remove some of the floral taste or grind them in a coffee grinder to improve the texture. You can also make lavender-infused sugar for baking and swap it out for regular sugar in your favorite recipes.


Come to Provence and experience the beauty and flavors of this extraordinary flower. You can buy culinary lavender in many shops.

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