The Capital of Lavender – Sault

Situated at an altitude of 765 m above sea level, east of Mount Ventoux and northeast of the Vaucluse mountains, it lies on the Albion plateau. Sault is a charming and pleasant village of around 1,350 inhabitants. Its principal economy is agriculture of lavender and wheat.Sault village 2

Thanks to its limestone , rocky soil type, lavender grows wildly in abundance on these plateaus where no other plants would flourish. While the whole Mediterranean Basin shares the olives, lavender is the unique mark of this region.

Provence-FranceSault has been cultivating the fine lavender for centuries and the hybrid lavender ‘lavandin’ since the early 20th century. The huge blue fields spread around the village and its plateau alternating with fields of wheat, offer to the visitors a breathtaking landscape. Do not forget your camera !

If you come during the harvest season, you may want to visit the local distillery and witness first- hand the distillation process of the lavender essential oil and its medicinal virtues.
Besides lavender, Sault offers visitors a variety of activities that allow you to appreciate the natural environment: starting point for the ascent of Mont Ventoux by bicycle, horseback riding, hiking, etc.

NougatFinally do not leave without tasting its locally produced nougat, macaroons and lavender honey. Don’t miss the lavender ice cream too! lavender ice creamAll guaranteed 100% natural and 100% delicious!



fete de lavande

For 30 years now, on the 15th August, Sault organises a lavender festival to celebrate the end of the season harvest. The highlight is the lavender cutting competition by the tradition way; the sickle. concours de lavandeTradition costumes are worn, there will be folk dancing, music, sale of locally produced potterywares, honey, soaps and of course lavender essential oil.

Don’t miss the traditional provençal market which is held every Wednesday morning since the year 1515.

Join our lavender excursions to enjoy the sights and scents of these lovely flowers starting from 5 June to 15 August 2016.sault04

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