Spring is here …

cerisiersThe season of spring is here. In spite of a period of rainfall in early April, we feel the weather warming up gradually. Just like Easter, when we celebrate the resurrection, the spring is also the time of the new beginning. It feels like everything is waking up and coming out of its hibernation from winter. At this moment, one takes account of the task that he will be confronting. Spring cleaning in the house, buying new annual plants for the garden, bring out the outdoor furnitures and if courageous enough – cleaning up the barbecue.


In the south of France, the sunshine is generously shining with a spell of Mistral southbound wind from time to time, clearing out the clouds. Olive trees must be pruned in such a way that, according to the local saying; « a swallow can fly through it ».

printemps2The white and pink blossoms of the almonds, cherries, apricots, peaches are so refreshing and the landscape is so picturesque in the provençal countryside.


aspergesFarmers are busy getting their fields ready. Many are ploughing their land to grow new crops for the summer. Asparagus, radish, spinach are already for sale in the market. Strawberries are ripening nicely to be picked up too.

lavandeIn the lavender fields, this is the time when the weeding is done with a ‘griffon’ rake attached to the rear of the tractor to pull out the weeds between the rows of lavender. For the younger plants which are less than 3 years old, this operation is done with a hoe, It’s also during this time when organic fertilizer is added to the soil.

 lavender in LuberonThen, we just have to wait for the flowering of the lavender plants in early June. Plan ahead and reserve your lavender tour.

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