Valensole and Gorges de Verdon


Between Manosque and Castellane, amid the rolling hills of this vast 800 km² plateau and an ocean of fine lavender and its hybrid species ‘lavandin’ is situated the town of Valensole.


The etymology of Valensole is ‘vallis sollis’ or ‘Valley of the Sun’. It is a commune in the Alps de Haute-Provence. The landscape changes according to the seasons. The snowy peaks of the Alpes and almond blossoms in March give way in July with vast lavender fields alternating with golden wheat and sunflower fields.fete de lavande valensole 1

fete de lavande valensoleFor over 20 years, the village celebrates the harvest of its lavender and cereals. It will be a whole day of festivities with traditional folk parade, music and dance, distillation demonstration and sale of local crafts and foods.


Further east of Valensole lies the charming village of Moustiers Sainte Marie. It is located at the west entrance to the Gorges du Verdon. For centuries, this charming village is well known for its pottery especially ‘faience’.faience.png

The Gorges du Verdon is a river canyon and is regarded as one of the most beautiful and deepest canyons in Europe. The gigantic cliffs of calcareous rock are the result of the erosion of the Plateau of Haute-Provence by the Verdon River and in some parts, it has cut out a ravine to a depth of 700 metres through the limestone. At the end of the canyon, the Verdon River flows into the man-made lake of Sainte-Croix de Verdon. It was constructed between 1971 and 1974. Lake of St Croix and its turquoise coloured water has attracted thousands of people to come and enjoy the outdoor activities like swimming, sailing, windsurfing.

gorges du verdon

When you are in Provence, this spectacular site offers a memorable souvenir for your holidays.

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