Your dreams come true ….


Getting married in Provence is a wonderful sensation of being surrounded by nature, history and culture!  The lavender fields are the symbol of romantism and so many couples want to be the lucky ones to get a wedding picture in the fields.


As a guide,  I have been witnessing the happiness of those couples that  come to visit us in Provence in the summer to tie the knots. I must say that our region has so much varieties to offer from June to August.  PHOTO 3

My biggest souvenir is a charming couple from Asia that was travelling for their first time in Provence.  I went to pick them up in their hotel, I knew from that moment that it was going to be an unique day not only for them but also for me .  They were just so excited !

I drove them to the lavender fields with the 2 friends that were with them. I remenber the eyes of those 4 persons as we are getting closer to the lavender fields. They were bewitched by the beauty and elegance of the landscape !

PHOTO 5We have spent about 4 hours driving around and stopping at diffèrent locations to catch the best light and the best shot in the lavender and sunflower fields. The joy was clearly shown in their expressions and I’m sure the photos that they will  have at the end will definitely make their dreams come true. We had time also to visit the village of Valensole and enjoy the local experience.PHOTO 8

I can not express the joy it give us as a tour guide to see the happiness of the people whenthey visit our wonderful region.  We welcome you at any time of the year to experience the extraordinary heritage whether as in historical sites, culture, wine and nature; there’s always something for you to do.


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