While the lavender fields are ‘resting’, November is the month of the season when the farmers take time to prepare the reproduction of the lavender.  It can be done by the propagation of seeds or by cuttings depending on the species of the plant.

Propagation by seedlings


The fine lavender (lavandula angustifolia) reproduces only by seedlings. Grains from the finest specimens are collected and are sowed in a specially prepared soil in the nursery just before the winter frosts set in. First technique: producers want to keep a homogeneous race secreting its own defenses. Either they collect the seeds from the whole plantation, or they choose from the best plants for reproduction, hoping to have the best qualities. lavenderyp1-276x300

A second technique is to pick up the fallen seeds on the ground of the distillery while loading the stills, which excludes any selection of seeds.  These seeds will germinate and we will have to wait around 3 years before we can use these plants for a new plantation.

Propagation by cuttings


Lavandine, a hybrid of lavender and aspic which produces 4 times more than the fine lavender. It is sterile, therefore, the propagation is done mainly by cuttings. During the autumn season, selected clumps are selected from the best quality plants from which hundreds of cuttings can be taken. They are prepared and stored in a well-ventilated and frost-free nursury. Come spring, in March, planting begins when the soil starts warming up, so that they might take root during the 12 months preceding transplantation. They are planted every 30cm and the rows are 1m50 apart.  planting-lavander

Depending on the soil type and climatic conditions, a young lavender plant can last from 8-10 years.

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