Lavender tours 2015 !

Maybe a bit early but for lavender lovers there is good news !

From now you can to book your seats on the lavender tours from Avignon, Aix en Provence and Marseille !

Visit the website of Provence Reservation : and discover the lavender tours of Provence for 2015 ! LT2c

The end of the lavender season in Provence

The last fields have been cut, the lavender blooming season is unfortunatly over in Provence but we already look forward to next season !  Many persons did participate to the tours from Avignon, Aix en Provence and Marseille and a lot of beautiful pictures were taken !  Bookings for next year tours will soon be available again at the following link

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Three days before the start of the Lavender tours !

Be ready to admire and discover the lavender fields of Provence ! 薰衣草之旅本周开始从阿维尼翁!

The lavender tours from Avignon will start on June 5th !!! Don’t miss the opportunity to book your seats with Provence Reservation on the website or on the following link : click here

Discover the magic of the blue fields of Provence and if you are lucky you might see some red poppies fields that are still in bloom !



Olive oil with Lavender flavour ! 橄榄油薰衣草

Two treasures of Provence : Lavender and Olive oil
Some producers decided to mix those two to create a unique taste ! 
The Olive oil of Villeneuve les Avignon, has been nominated best olive oil of the world last week so do not hesitate to taste it !
Taste the salad, tomatos or goat cheese flavoured with the lavender olive oil. Your taste budss will be suprised !
Provence Réservation and Provence Tours offer tours including olive oil tastings, do not hesitate to have a look on the website !
Less than one month before the start of the lavender tours !
Blue sky and sun, the fields are ready to get in bloom soon
Don’t miss the blooming season of the Lavender of Provence and book your seats now : click here
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Only a few months before blooming season !

In a few weeks lavender will start to bloom in Provence ! The green fields will become blue and you will be able to smell the lavender flowers !  If you are coming to Avignon you will be able to admire a little field just in front of the famous bridge of Avignon.

Do not hesitate to book your seats on the lavender tours that will soon be sold out !

If you are lucky you will also be able to see the sunflower fields in bloom around end of July

You can book your tour from Avignon, Aix en Provence, Marseille or Arles directly on the website of Provence Reservation :

Morning tours, afternoon tours or full day tours, make your choice and discover this treasure of Provence !


Champs de lavandes et de tournesols 10pont_avignon_lavande




The famous « Plateau de Valensole » is one of our favorite places to go to admire the lavender in blooming season !
With more or less 800 km2, this plateau is one of the largest areas of France destinated to the cultivation of lavender.
Romans perfumed their baths and their clothes and also put lavender sachets of lavender in their closets. Established in France by the Phoenicians, lavender was essentially planted  in Provence because of  its climate : more or less 300 sunny days a year ! The fields of lavander are planted as far as the eyes can see and the blooming period is just breathtaking !
It is a place you can not miss during your journey to Provence !
Have a stop at the village of Valensole and taste the lavender honey, lavender ice cream or find some souvenirs based on the lavender essential oil known for its medicinal vertues
Several excursions include Valensole from Avignon, Aix en Provence and Marseille ! To have more information click here
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The Lavender Museum 薰衣草博物馆

Have a visit at the Lavender museum in Coustellet to learn more about the lavender and lavandin of Provence ! The All Provence in one day tour from Avignon is including the entrance fee !
You will start your visit by an introduction of the difference between lavender and lavandin followed by a movie about the harvest of the lavender.
Learn all the techniques and steps of the production of lavender essential oil and have a stop at their boutique with cosmetic products based on lavender and A.O.P labelised that guarantees the quality
« The ability to use the A.O.P essential oil guarantee requires carrying off the oil contained in the Augustifolia variety of lavender or population lavander, no cloned lavender is allowed, with steam. The lavender must come from a stricktly defined zone in four different French counties : Drôme, Vaucluse, Alpes de Haute Provence and Hautes Alpes and from an altitude of 800 mininum. The lavender must meet analytical and olfactive standards, and each batch is analysed anonymously (blindly) so as not to influence the jury. The French National institute of origins and quality issues certification. « 
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Paintings of Lavender 薰衣草画

The blue treasure of Provence inspires a lot of artists. The breathtaking landscapes with the flowers is a real challenge for them !
During the blooming period you can see a lot of painters in front of the fields drawing their paintings, trying to represent the unique image of the lavender of Provence
The following paintings were made by Christian Jequel and Jean Marc Janiaczyk, two men who are in love with the landscapes that offers the Provence
If you join one of the lavender tours you will maybe meet an artist painting just next to you, admire his work and passion for the lavender and share his knowledge and experience !
Don’t miss the lavender Festival in Sault on August 15th 2014 were a lot of painters will exhibit their paintings !